5 septembrie 2008

Aren't we all nuts?

"Adaptarea normala omului obisnuit, cu bun simt, bine adaptat presupune o respingere continua, incununata de succes, a unei parti din continuturile profunde ale naturii umane, depotriva volitive si cognitive. Buna adaptare la lumea reala inseamna fracturarea persoanei." A. Maslow about Creativity in 1958, speech held at the East Lansing, Michigan.  Sorry for not having the original version, the basic idea is that the process of adjusting to the real world can break apart our being.

Strange thing how the history of mankind preserve into the future labels and biases about previous thinkers. I would have believed for all my life that Maslow is just the one who invented “the carrot” of modern civilization and HR departments.

So I would ask the nut: who is the fool?

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