4 septembrie 2008

Petabyte era - who's going to decide?

An interesting debate started from the article of Chris Anderson regarding the Petabyte Age and the end of the science done as it used to be done before. Since 1975, the suffix “peta” means the length of 1 billiard (1 000 000 000 000 000), so what we are facing now is the overwhelming world of  information. There is plenty of data that are just waiting to be categorized and analyzed. Experiments to gather data in order to prove the evidence of one theory are obsolescent. The future seems to be for the pigeons clusters as Google machine sort it out. 

My personal believe is that the first impact of such theory would come in place first to the management concepts. Try to imagine a world-wide organization gathering into the internal systems information and data from all over and try to imagine how a manager could cope with all the unnecessary information. How this new world of petabytes of information will change the way the economical decisions are going to be taken from now on? Is it going to be a human approach or super extra faster computers?

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