4 septembrie 2008

small is the new big... mirror?

Some of the Seth Godin’s new Myths out of the "Small is the new big" on which I have some doubts. 

 “Customers have more power than ever before

Treating them like they don’t matter doesn’t work.”

Except if you live into a growing economy of one emerging market with the lack of competition!

Could it be the rule: we don’t care because nobody else cares either?

 “Multiple channels of information mean that

is almost impossible to live a lie.

Authentic stories spread and last.”


Except if you don’t know how many channels need to trust one. 

Could it be that the time to check the true will bring the petabyte decision making system closer to our habits than ever?


 “The ability to change fast

is the single best asset

in a world that’s changing fast”

Except that creation ended up into the 8th day of our Creation. Is there anything new indeed around?


"Blogs matter. If you want to grow you’ll need to touch the information hungry, idea sharing people who read (and write) them."

 Except that there are so many of them and just few are counting. 

Are they so important for our generation (civilization)?


"There are no side effects. Just  effects.

Indulge short attention spans."

Except that is not because cause of you. 

Could it be the last karmic chain to be broken this way?


Aretha was right. Respect is the secret to success in dealing with people.

Except Aretha is not Seth.


Do something that matters.


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