14 septembrie 2008

typical learning environment: shut up and listen!

I am reading Charles Handy "Understanding Organizations" and I got amazed by two things so far: the English language for business he uses (I must say that even for a non native like myself it sounds... nicer) and one of his approach to learning. In his view the learning process has 4 phases: Questioning, Conceptualization, Experimentation, and Consolidation. Based on my learning experience so far I figure out that nobody really enjoy questioning: either the teacher or the students. You just feel strange with your questions daring to challenge the conventional wisdom of "It is said that it's like this and that..."
So I admit I am in this first stage for some years now. And You know what? I like it! because what I found out in my daily experience: most of us don't like abstract ideas but learning experiences and conclusions coming from praxis and not from theory.

Don't you think on the other hand that this is the reason we lose now easier our beliefes ? facts are everything but aren't they just ideas about what we see and understand?

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