5 septembrie 2008

New sales controlling hot topic: How much are we allowed to ask for?

The question will not be anymore: How much a product will cost? but how much is allowed to cost?

Sound perfect rational nevertheless as Dan Ariel mentioned in one of his books Predictably Irrational the price is not set up by the economic law of Supply and Demand. The price is set up by the anchors. Anchor is something that the buyer uses as references in comparison to the new offer.

E.g. I am offering you a flat on the Moon for 1million €. Suppose that you might have an interest to go there once in a while or you just take this as an investment. The buying process will start immediately after the following offers for sales are going to be higher than this one. Marketing strategist for consumer goods and FMCG know that very well.

So, I would ask just this: How much could be allowed for the price of the crude oil? 

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